Ego Tattoo Rotary Machine Apex Overkill Blue/Black

Ego Tattoo Rotary Machine Apex Overkill Blue/Black

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Ego Tattoo Rotary Machine Apex Overkill Blue/Black

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Ego Tattoo Rotary Machine Apex Overkill
Finally, after many tests and refinements, the fabulous rotary EGO APEX OVERLKILL of Bez Tattooer from Triplesix Studios in Sunderland, GB.
Apex Overkill is a tattoo roller made up of a solid aluminum block with a futuristic design. Its strength is not only in the exterior but also in its functional qualities, which combine the handling of the rotary with the versatility of a coil machine. Inside there is a Swiss Maxon "Overkill" engine, which has the ability to tattoo at low voltage while still pushing the needle into the skin without any effort. This machine is a battle horse that is built to last!
The range of EGO rotary machines is designed and realized by the now famous tattoo maker Bez, the creator of the innovative "Power Triangle" system. Each machine is complete with a series of rubber triangles of different colors and each color corresponds to a different density (color guide included in the package). Depending on the combination you choose, it is possible to vary the resistance. Thanks to this system, the machine can be set for any type of use by combining the convenience of the rotating machines with the reliability of the coil machines.

Technical features of EGO Apex Overkill:

    Futuristic design
    Aluminum body
    Guillotine grip engagement
    Power Triangle System
    Swiss Motor Maxon "Overkill"
    Phono connection - EGO 1.5M power cord included in the package
    Weight: 122g