Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Red

Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Red

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Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Red

Brands Cheyenne

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Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Drive Ruby Red color.
The Cheyenne Hawk Thunder is one of the few tattoo machines on the market that will allow you easily can perform any style with a single product.
This tattoo machine Cheyenne is all the technology, which has enabled this machine to have some of the following characteristics:
Versatile: you can safely use it to work on line, color, shading.
Powerful: the new engine faster and more responsive, the run increased to 4mm, a frequency up to 160 Hz, allow to tattoo without need to push to penetrate too far to the needles, then less fatigue for you, less pain for the customer.
Practice: the Cheyenne Hawk uses Cheyenne Cartridges. Replace needles tattoo has never been easier. One click and you're all set.

In the box you will find:
Cheyenne Thunder Drive
Cable clip cord
Power adapter