Cheyenne Hawk Thunder - Grey - Silver

Cheyenne Hawk Thunder - Grey - Silver

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Cheyenne Hawk Thunder - Grey - Silver

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Rotary tattooing machine by Cheyenne Tattoo Equipment.
The Hawk Thunder is a concentration of power and technology. Thanks to the studies of the German house, a tattoo machine has been created that contains all the features that every tattoo artist would like to have.
Small, light and ergonomic, so as not to get too tired during long working hours;
Powerful and precise: thanks to the new motor and the 4mm elongated stop, the Hawk Thunder is much more precise than the old versions and the needles penetrate the skin more and without effort;
Beautiful: as with everything, even the eye wants its part, and having established the efficiency of this machine, having a beautiful product on hand is always a pleasure. Available in 5 colors, one more beautiful than the other.
With the Hawk Thunder, you will have the advantage of being able to use the Cheyenne Cartridges and Power Unit I and II power supplies, a plus not just.
Only from you will find the whole range of Cheyenne Hawk machines also in kits including power supplies and choice grips, with a considerable cost savings.