Eikon Conventional Armature Bar

Eikon Conventional Armature Bar

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Eikon Conventional Armature Bar

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The Eikon conventional armature bars, offer a spring-mounting system that allows you to adjust the deflection angle on the front and rear springs to customize each application.
All the Eikon bar armors are machined with very high precision and made from 1018 low carbon steel with a rust-resistant black oxide finish.
They are sold complete with screw # 8-32 and washer already installed.
Available in two lengths, regular and long, and 3 different weights:

it is the lightest and will produce higher speeds without having to reduce the distance between the points;
medium: control the speed keeping the right space between the points.
heavy: maximum weight to slow down the machine without increasing the distance between the points.

long: 48.5mm.