Colors Amiea Organic Line Permanent Makeup

Colors Amiea Organic Line Permanent Makeup

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Colors Amiea Organic Line Permanent Makeup

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Organic line Pigment Makeup Amiea

Each individual is different and it is our differences that make us who we are. In this sense, we all embody true perfection. It is only when we accept it and try to emphasize ourselves authentically that we remain ourselves and remain faithful to our personality.

Amiea supports you in this, provides two lines with powerful, permanent colors that define the character, including special colors for the lips. We collaborated with visionary artists to create the new Evolutionline and in doing so, to create something truly innovative.

In the meantime, our experts have optimized the formula for Organicline and updated it for the 21st century. This line of colors, in which artists have relied for years, now does an even better job highlighting the unique character of all customers.

Select the pigment you want for a permanent makeup suitable for you.