G Decos Tools Disinfectant

G Decos Tools Disinfectant

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G Decos Tools Disinfectant

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1 liter bottle of G DECOS by Golmar.
G Decos is a concentrated solution that performs fast acting and effective disinfectant and detergent. Decos is active against bacteria (Gram + and Gram-bacteria), yeasts, molds, fungi, micobbaterio tuberculosis (TB) and viruses (including HIV, HBV, HCV).
G Decos is specifically manufactured for the disinfection of another level and for decontamination prior to sterilization in autoclave.
The efficacy and rapidity ciome detergent and as a disinfectant in the presence of organic material such as saliva, blood, exudates organic) can be used on all dental instruments and not. The removal of the spoco requires no mechanical action.
An essential product for your practice whether of Body Piercing and Tattoo.