Germocid Basic Spray 750 ml

Germocid Basic Spray 750 ml

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Germocid Basic Spray 750 ml

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Germocid Basic is ideal for the cleaning and disinfection of surfaces for medical use in materials not sensitive to alcohol such as armrests, handles and objects used by dentists.

Like Neo Sterixidine (with which it shares the same chemical composition), Germocid Basic performs an effective disinfecting, bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal action.

The association between Cloridexin and Quaternary Ammonium Salts together with the high alcohol content, guarantee a broad spectrum of efficacy towards: gram + bacteria, gram fungi, HIV virus, HBV, HCV (hepatitis B and C), fungi, mycobacteria (TB ).

Germocid Basic has a high detergent power, evaporates quickly, is not deactivated by organic substances.

Spray not included. For a minimum order of 6 pieces, the sprayer is free.