Multiusi Gel

Multiusi Gel

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Multiusi Gel

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Multiusi Gel is a ready-to-use product, with disinfectant and dermoprotective action, containing ethyl alcohol for a rapid and effective antisepsis of the hands, designed to sanitize and cleanse the skin without the use of water.
Designed for medical use, allowing you to thoroughly sanitize your hands at every visit without wasting time, it is also extremely useful in the Piercing and Tattoo area, where you can often find yourself having to move out of the station and remove gloves, with possible contamination.
Its patented formula eliminates 99.9% of germs and bacteria present on the hands in just a few seconds.
It is applied directly to the skin using the special dispenser and rubbed until it is completely evaporated, leaving the hands soft and fresh.
Dermatologically tested product.
Available in bottles of: 65, 75, 150 and 1000 ml.