X-Germs Hand Sanitizing Gel with Green Aloe

X-Germs Hand Sanitizing Gel with Green Aloe

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X-Germs Hand Sanitizing Gel with Green Aloe

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X-GERMS with Aloe Vera is a sanitizing detergent for hand washing without the need for rinsing.

Its alcohol-based formula, enriched with ALOE VERA juice, leaves the hands clean, soft and fragrant.

Application fields

For hand sanitization after attending public places (offices, hospitals, schools, bars, restaurants, gyms, toilets, means of transport) and after touching surfaces and objects subjected to frequent contact with the hands (such as handles, telephones, tables, money). X-GERMS, thanks to its hydro-alcoholic base, is able to effectively reduce germs and bacteria present on the skin in just a few seconds.

How to use

► Pour enough solution into the palm of your hand for

cover the entire surface of the hands.

► Rub your hands palm against palm.

► Rub your left palm over your right back by interlacing your fingers together.

►Rub the backs of your hands well with your fingers.

Once dry your hands are clean. These operations should last about 30 seconds

Bottle 100ml