Crystal Yin Yang Titanium  01

Crystal Yin Yang Titanium 01

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Crystal Yin Yang Titanium  01

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Bananina for Titanium navel with the yin yang symbol on the bottom gem full of Swarovski crystals. This symbol indicates the concept Feng Shui to balance these two complementary energies to get to 'harmony and benessere.Un jewel very original. Color tone: cyy 01 (black and white), cyy 02 (black and red), cyy 03 (white and blue), cyy 04 (white and blue), cyy 05 (white and pink).
Material Specifications: rod and upper ball titanium G23; Barretta / ball diameter: 1.6mm with 5mm top ball; Bar length: 8, 10mm
Please specify the finger length and color required on all orders.