Intenze Bowery Ink - Red

Intenze Bowery Ink - Red

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Intenze Bowery Ink - Red

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Red Tattoo Ink created by legendary tattoo artist Stan Moskowitz to reproduce the exact colors he used at the Bowery in New York. Old school tattoo

Few words "My name is Stanley Moskowitz, and I was born the son of Sailor Willie Moskowitz; who apprenticed under the legendary Charlie Wagner. At the age of 12, I did my first tattoo of a flower on my father's leg as Billy Jones (Jonesy) watched- I would later become his apprentice. At 14 years old, I began tattooing full-time on the Bowery, and I never looked back. The pigments in this box are the true colors we used down on the Bowery, and my way of saying 'thank you' to my father and Jonesy by keeping these traditions alive. If you are looking to do real Old School style tattoos, then you should only be using these colors and that's it." Thank You for your support. Good luck and God bless tattooing, Bowery Stan.