Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Kit Black

Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Kit Black

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Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Kit Black

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Complete kit Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Tattoo Machine:
Tattoo machine Cheyenne Hawk Thunder complete
+ Grip choice 19mm or 25mm
+ Cables and accessories
+ Power supply or Cheyenne PU The PU II

The tattoo machine Cheyenne Thunder is a powerhouse. All styles and concepts of tattoo are possible and without any loss of quality.
Line, shade and color at the highest level with just one machine! And 29 kinds of extra cartridges for infinite possibilities of creation.
The lines have been increased to 4mm, with this rise in conjunction with the rotation speed of the new engine and the optimized eccentricity, you are obtained very high speeds and acceleration values. The power reserve of the mechanism is now more effective.
What remains the same? Bill, ergonomic design, versatile in the choice of needle cartridges for all the tattoo. Technical precision made in Germany ... the typical Cheyenne!
Try it! You'll be impressed!

The Grip Cheyenne 19 or 25mm Tattoo Machine Cheyenne Hawk Thunder or Spirit.
The POWER SUPPLY PU1 or PU2 are the top technology Cheyenne: small, light and easy to use.
When ordering specify the grip and the power desired.