Kit complete Cheyenne Hawk Spirit - Gold

Kit complete Cheyenne Hawk Spirit - Gold

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Kit complete Cheyenne Hawk Spirit - Gold

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Kit Cheyenne Hawk Spirit that offers consists of the following parts:
Cheyenne Hawk Spirit Full
Cheyenne Hawk hand grip
Power supply Cheyenne Power Unit

The Hawk Spirit is among the tattoo machines flagship of the world tattoo. It offers many advantages, among which the most important are perhaps the extreme precision with which allows to draw lines, very gentle on the skin, powerful and fast, but nevertheless manages to be fairly quiet and have a low number of vibrations.
The ability to use the Cheyenne Cartridges is a plus not just, as with the patented method of quick release, cambiere tattoo needles will engage only a few seconds. In addition, the wide variety of cartridges available, provide endless solutions ... the only limit is your imagination.
Inside the kit you will find a Hawk Hand Grip selectable 19 or 25mm. Its ergonomic design make it extremely comfortable long hours of work and allow you to select the excursion of the needle.
In the end the essential accessory for work: the power supply. You can choose between the Cheyenne and the PU1 PU2. Both very good and on top of technology, small and light, easy to store or transport in the convention.
A kit missed that as well as providing the necessary that is required of a professional tattoo studio, you will save significantly.