Kit complete Cheyenne Hawk Spirit - Red

Kit complete Cheyenne Hawk Spirit - Red

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Kit complete Cheyenne Hawk Spirit - Red

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Complete kit Cheyenne Hawk Spirit
Spirit Hawk tattoo machine complete
Hawk hand grip to pick from 19 or 25mm
Feeder PU 1 or 2
Cables and accessories

Small and lightweight, the machine tattoo Hawk Spirit, adapts perfectly to every movement and every work situation.
High quality and technology, more precise lines and excellent grip, make the job less tiring during long sessions.
Line, shade and color at the highest level with just one machine.

The Hawk Hand Grip from 19 or 25 mm, as well as being ergonomic and designed for less straining the wrist, combined with machines for tattoo Hawk series, will allow you to adjust the travel simply by turning a little. Also available in 5 different colors so you can customize your Tattoo Machine to your taste.

The power unit PU1 and PU2 are the top technology Cheyenne and are strongly recommended for use with the Hawk machine.