Microblading !!! The new technique for permanent make up, already well known in the rest of the world, finally in Italy! Buy your tattoosupplies.eu blades, handpieces and specific pigments for this amazing technique, he is able to offer amazing eyebrows. As a basis, the principle is similar to that of the permanent makeup, the introduction of the pigment under the skin with the intent to create a drawing of the eyebrows that lasts over time. However, with the Microblading, the procedure is performed with a special instrument that looks like a pen, with which it does all the work freehand, using a series of pigments and disposable needles, capable of restoring color to the eyebrows, form and volume, with a hyper-realistic drawing. In detail, the Microblading is to use a very thin blade with small clever touches, goes to deposit the pigment in the epidermis by drawing the missing hair to thicken and create a form perfectly suited to our face and this creates a very natural final effect.