Our passion as well as that of every single tattooist almost pushes us to collect the tattoo machines. Not just a work tool but sometimes a real object of passion. The tattoo machines seem to have a soul and that's why we find it difficult to advise you, so we offer you in this section a wide range of tattooing machines: you can choose from the classic 8 or 10 and 12 wrap machines or choose between the latest generation of rotary machines. The tattoo machine uses an electromagnetic coil system which, through a metal bar, called "armaturebar" gives life to a linear movement to a rod to which one or more needles are welded, which when entering the skin leave the pigments in the dermis layer. The speed with which the needles enter the skin is about 50 penetrations per second. Different is the rotary machine that has replaced the coils with an electric motor, with variable power, allowing to reduce the weight of the machine to tattoo and improving the manageability. The Rotary Machine can be set with a few gestures and used as a tattoo machine by line, fill and shade. You can also choose machines produced by well-known tattoo artists in a traditional way or machines produced in a serial manner by companies in the sector. Tattoo machines: Cheyenne Tattoo, Bishop Rotary, Inkjecta, Saber, Symbeos, FK Iron, Spectra, HM Rotary Tattoo Maschine, Stigma Rotary, Ego, Sunskin, Primus, Rekuna Tattoo Machine, Dormouse, Lauro Paolini, Swashdrive and many others.