Eikon Tattoo Machine

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Eikon Device was born in 1994 in a small garage to produce the first needle designed specifically to meet the needs of tattoo artists. It 'a company leader in the production of material for tattoo artists:
machines, power supplies, cables, pedals.
We must have done something right, because the success of these products - combined with the support of our valued customers - has enabled us to expand into a full service tattoo supply company with over 40 employees operating out of a 20,000 square foot facility. Basically, that just means we have more people working out of a bigger garage. But at the end of the day, we’re still the same group of diehards - as passionate and dedicated to tattooing and providing the highest quality service, equipment and supplies - as the day we first started.
We maintain our high standards by designing and manufacturing many of the products we sell. You can trust Eikon branded products and the products we distribute to deliver quality and innovation at an affordable price.