Stigma Rotary Machines

stigma rotary is a world leader in the manufacturing of high quality rotary tattoo machines.
we produce machines for tattoo with revolutionary technology to make artists' lives easier.
Our rotary tattoo machines offer maximum performance and achieve optimal results in lining, color packing, shading blending and layering.
Stigma Rotary Tattoo Machines are CNC machined, perfectly manufactured from massive blocks of aircraft aluminium and then anodized.
Made in Germany. All components used are made from the finest material available.
Stigma Machine are only made with Swiss motor produced by Maxon or Faulhaber.These are world renowned,powerful motors. of the highest quality, whichare not comparable to anything else on the market.
Stigma Rotary machines are lightweight with low vibration, low noise, yet very robust.Almost indestructible when used and cared for properly.