Taurus 9 Point Round Liner

Taurus 9 Point Round Liner

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Taurus 9 Point Round Liner

Brands Taurus Tattoo Supply

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TAURUS needle cartridges
Point Liner 9

Three configurations :

STRLLT = Super Tight Round Liner Long Taper

RLLT = Round Liner Long Taper Regular Tight

BUG-PIN is a needle Treatment that Makes slightly micro-rough surface, this allows you to retain more color\ink

  •     Intelligent System
  •     Disposable tattoo needleds
  •     Trasparent Tip
  •     Secure Membrane
  •     Hygenic, Sterile and Individually packed
  •     Safe, Pratical and Durable!
  •     Diameter 0.25mm, 0.30mm, 0.35 mm
  •     Box of 10 Cartridges