THE NEW SOLUTION FOR THE CARE OF TATTOO DERMALIZE PROTECTIVE TATTOO FILMS DERMALIZE is the new solution for the care of the tattoo, the ideal product for optimal healing of this type of "wounds" which replaces the food film, so far used (Improperly) for the post-tattoo. A thin adhesive film BREATHABLE, WATERPROOF FLEXIBLE, which facilitates, promotes and optimizes healing guaranteeing to maintain the color of their natural brilliance. Its use is ideal for small and large tattoos, and allows it to be easily applied on all parts of the body with optimal result. Its adhesive surface adheres to the skin dry and does not stick to the tattoo to breathe leaving the wound, forming a ANTIBACTERIAL BARRIER that ensures complete protection from the elements. With the application of DERMALIZE the customer will be relieved of any other intervention to ensure complete recovery of your tattoo! Dermalize is available for professional tattoo artists in PRO format (roll of 10 meters x 15 cm), which is ideal for the first application. For your customers we offer packs of 5 sheets (format 15 cm x 10 cm).