Ink Booster & Protector

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Ink Booster & Protector - Tattoo Cream and Tattoo After Care

We have developed Ink Booster for tattoo artists.
Ink Booster is used in the world of TATTOO as a substitute for petroleum jelly (Vaseline is obtained from residues of distillation of petroleum and is made up of 70 to 90% of a liquid portion of iso-paraffins and olefins) and consists of only natural elements. There are many similar products on the market already, but often fail to deliver the benefits they promise and can create allergic reactions.
Ink Booster has been dermatologically tested for over 1 year and tested by Tattooists very experienced and famous.

After the hard work, we will have to worry about treating the tattoo and then will be the time to use Ink Protector.
Ink Protector is a cream to be applied after the tattoo during the healing period. It's of a base of panthenol, which helps skin healing while relieving itching and burning, and will leave your skin fresh and fragrant.
As for Ink Booster, also in this case they are used only natural products and tested for a long time before they are offered for sale.