Poiseline Tattoo Balm

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Poiseline Tattoo Natural Balm

Poiseline is a natural dermo - cosmetic product designed for tattoo world.

Poiseline is a 100% natural vaseline with all in one composition that help tattoo artist during all the stage of the working session reducing times and costs.

The formula all in one allow to use Poiseline like preparatory cream to soothe the skin before the working session, as vaseline replaced to improve the performance during the working session, as tattoo aftercare cream, soothing and antibacterical, suitable for scaly skin with abrasions. Poiseline is also used as hand lotion with high ability to rehydrate the damage and chapped skin for work gloves and antibacterical products.
 If used properly, Poiseline is able to further secure the stencil on the skin, allowing better details visibility and reducing vision disorder.

Poiseline is a product conforming to the new European directives about dangerous substances.

Poiseline is a biodegradable and biocompatible product clinically tested and dermatologically approved; does not contain petrolatum, silicones, parabens and SLS (harmful elements and potentially carcinogenic to the body) and all the ingredients are natural emollients to ensure a unique product of the highest quality.