Tattoo Beauty Aftercare

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Because this product guarantees an adequate hydration of the skin and possesses excellent anti-inflammatory properties thanks to its components of vegetal origin, and especially to Pantenol which aids the healing of the skin.

Characteristics of the active principle of Pantenol:
Properties: As a cutaneous vitamin, D-Pantenol stimulates the formation of the epithelium tissue and intensifies its elasticity. Pantenol is an efficient bactericide documentes by clinical tests. TATTOO BEAUTY® has also been enriched with Calendula, Propolis, Bisabolo, Bees’ Wax, Vitamin A and Vitamin E.

® is the first cream to be dermatologically tested by the University of Naples, Federico II, Faculty of Pharmacology, Department of Chemistry, Pharmaceutic Chemistry and Toxicology, PATCH TEST 18003.