has created for you this selection of the best brands for ink for tattoos and permanent makeup. All colors tattoo for sale on our site, are inspected and certified, so be sure to sell to our customers only the best in terms of performance and safety.
There are also in this category colors for tattoos vegan friendly.
Scrolling down the list of our brands, you will surely find one that suits you, that is a selection of blacks and grays, intense colors or natural colors for tattoos realistic.
Furthermore, there are kits of colors created by artists like Alex De Pase, Bob Tyrrell, Jess Yen, Mario Barth, Matteo Pasqualin and many others.
Our brands: Intenze, Cheyenne Tattoo Ink, Atomic Ink, Eternal Ink, Sunskin Premium Ink, Sacred Color Tattoo Ink by Lauro Paolini, World Famous Tattoo Ink, Silverback Ink, Panthera Ink, Polynesian Ink, Futura Ink and Cosmetic Partner.