Intenze Ink

Intenze tattoo ink is manufactured by a registered and licensed cosmetics establishment.

A revolutionary leader in the global tattoo community, Intenze Products provides its customers with the future of tattoo inks; you won't find elsewhere a safer, more sterile or higher quality ink. From its inception in the laboratory to the use on the skin, Intenze is the world's safest, most sterile and best looking tattoo ink. Intenze is the easiest to apply and longest lasting tattoo pigment on the market. Intenze is formulated and sterilized to give to the artist and their customer the absolute best outcome. Intenze goes easily in the skin and heals beautifully. Intenze Tattoo Ink can be found in the best tattoo artist's studios around the world. Intenze is created and distributed for those tattoo artists who want the best from theirs work.

Micromutazioni / is an authorized dealer of Intenze Products.