Killerblack Tattoo Ink - Dark Shading

Killerblack Tattoo Ink - Dark Shading

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Killerblack Tattoo Ink - Dark Shading

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KillerBlack DARK SHADING Tattoo Ink is a color designed for shading.
In this medium concentration, the KillerBlack DARK SHADING allows you to create soft but well visible shadings.
The special formula with which it is made, allows an excellent grip on the skin so as to achieve homogeneous shading.
KillerBlack ink does not stain: during tattooing, excess ink will be easy to clean.
Tested and certified in the laboratory, respects the European ResAP regulation (2008) 1.
Does not contain aromatic carcinogenic amines and PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons).
Sterilized to guarantee its microbiological safety.
150ml bottle.

Available also light and extra light shading.