Killerblack Tattoo Ink - Light Shading

Killerblack Tattoo Ink - Light Shading

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Killerblack Tattoo Ink - Light Shading

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KillerBlack Light SHADING Tattoo Ink is a color to create shadows.
Its light concentration allows the creation of soft and delicate shading.
Made with a special formula that ensures a good grip on the skin but at the same time does not stain and it will be easy to remove excess ink while working.
Tested and certified in the laboratory, complies with the European ResAP regulation (2008) 1, does not contain aromatic carcinogenic amines and PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons).
Sterilized to guarantee its microbiological safety.
150ml bottle.

Also available in dark shading and extra light shading.