Taurus Cartridges

TAURUS is the name of the new needle cartridges offered by tattoosupplies.eu in the tattoo world. To meet the needs of Tattoo artists and satisfy all  tattoo style TAURUS offers over 100 different needle configurations. TAURUS intelligent needle cartridges system ensures greater precision perform when you are tattooing thanks less range of movement of the needles themselves. Furthermore, the cartridge system allows easily change modules while working to save you time so tattoo artists can focus on artistic work. The quality control is performed on every single needle so only the best exceed the selection process. TAURUS cartridges are equipped with a membrane that does not allow the ink or the blood, that is taken in, to cross the grip or evenmore in the tattoo machine. Each TAURUS cartridge is sterilized, individually packed and intentionally designed to singol use. The tip of the cartridge is completely transparent thus providing maximum visibility that allows the artist to focus full to tattoo! More info at www.taurustattoosupply.com . TAURUS: safe, practical and durable!