iTattoo Scheduling Software

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Do you have a Tattoo and Piercing shop and want an easy solution to better manage your customers? The old management software is structured to work on one or two operating systems and requires you to manually enter innumerable details, such as treatments or costs, and even to register customers at the beginning and end of a session. With iTattoo 3.0. Interactive Appointment scheduling software, you have the ability to manage appointments with a simple "click and drag", organize them by color and iTattoo will take care of the rest: will send reminders via Push Notifications, SMS or e-mail to both the client and the artist! Should your client change his mind, iTattoo will re-register the appointment automatically for the next free slot, but not before informing the customer and confirming his presence via the App or SMS or e-mail. In the event that more than one appointment requires a re-booking, the slot will be assigned to the first customer who will confirm, so that the artist is not in the situation of having an unwanted free slot. iTattoo: do not call it a simple calendar, we have created a powerful, innovative and easy-to-use solution. iTattoo is equipped with an instant messaging app that allows the artist to exchange messages, photos and ideas with their customers. Our software is translated into more than 12 languages. German, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and many others! Automatically create consent forms for tattoos and piercings using customer data. Save them in PDF and say goodbye to the card forever. Our software works on any operating system. You can choose to install it on your computer or simply run it directly in your browser.