Autoclave E9 Recorder

Autoclave E9 Recorder

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Autoclave E9 Recorder

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The autoclave which certifies the sterilization cycle issuing as many adhesive  labels as necessary. Class B
autoclave conforming to the EN 13060 normative. Manages 5 B-type sterilization cycles (121°-134°- 134°
Prion -134° Rapido-134° Prion Rapido) and 3 control tests (Vacuum, Helix, Bowie & Dick). With Rapido cycle
wrapped hollow and porous instruments in only 25 min. The integrated printer which supplies both the adhesive
label with the confirmation passage of the sterilization and the adhesive labels for the envelopes  and patient cards.
It is possible to choose the number of labels needed every time. Moulded chamber in stainless steel and certified
PED 97/23/CE (directive for pressurized devices). Integrated degasser for the reduction of incondensable gasses.
Integrated steam generator group which reduces the time and therefore the energy consumption, guarantees
a superior quality of steam. Water tank group completely accessible and inspectionable (Inspection®) for perfect
and complete cleaning.Equipped with the Process Controller, a genuine assistant for the use of the machine which
visualizes the phases of the sterilization cycles and carries out the evaluation of all the areas: process, safety,
maintenance, program functions. Large multilingual graphic LCD display. Serial port for E-Memory.