Autoclave Full Clave B20

Autoclave Full Clave B20

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Autoclave Full Clave B20

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Completely automatic Autoclave operating with distilled water, stainless steel boiler and chamber, with the following characteristics:
- Three temperatures: 105°, 121° 134°
- 9 sterilization cycles.
- Possibility of “special” cycle entirely programmable.
- Drying by vacuum pump.
- Two movements device for the safety of the door.
- Display to show the machine operations.
- Night cycle.
- Supplementary drying at the end of the cycle.
- Vacuum test and Bowie & Dick test.
- Signalling of dirty water tank.
- Fractioned prevacuum type B.
- Unifractioned prevacuum on all cycles.
- Incorporated printer.
- Helix Test.
- Fast cycle.
- B20 Sterilization chamber with a depth of 440 mm (20lt.).
- B16 Sterilization chamber with a depth of 340 mm (16lt.).
- Phial cycle.
- “Water Ok” pre-vacuum.
- Dirty water tank extractable and washable.