Autoclave Pratika B20

Autoclave Pratika B20

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Autoclave Pratika B20

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Completely automatic Autoclave operating with distilled water, stainless steel chamber and chamber, with the following characteristics:
11 sterilization cycles.
Possibility of 2 "special" cycles entirely programmables.
Drying by vacuum pump.
Two movements device for the safety of the door.
Display to show the machine operations with date and hour.
Night cycle.
Supplementary drying at the end of the cycle.
Vacuum test and Bowie & Dick test.
Prion cycle.
Fractioned prevacuum with pump.
Fractioned prevacuum in all cycles.
Fast cycle.
B16 Sterilization chamber with a depth of 340 mm (16lt.).
B20 Sterilization chamber with a depth of 440 mm (16lt.).
Phial cycle.
Delaied starting.
Automatic water filling with pump.
Water Ok presetting.
Predisposed for printer.
Helix test.
SD card for recording of sterilization data.