E9 Inspection® Inspectionable autoclave

E9 Inspection® Inspectionable autoclave

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E9 Inspection® Inspectionable autoclave

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The autoclave you can trust. Inspectionable and safe, it always guarantees you the
best sterilization.
Class B autoclave in full compliance with EN 13060.
E9 Inspection® manages 5 B-type sterilization cycles (121°, 134°, 134° Prion,
134° Rapido, 134° Prion Rapido) and 3 control tests (Vacuum, Helix and Bowie & Dick).
The Process Controller with its LCD display works as a real assistant for use of the machine.
Large multi-language liquid-crystal display integrated in the control panel.
Sterilization chamber forged in stainless steel certified PED (directive for pressurized devices).
The upper tank group can be inspected in all its parts.
The large cover can be removed, thus making it possible to clean the tank compartment
completely. Integrated steam generating group in order to guarantee a sterilization process
with a higher quality of the steam. Water Outgas System that limits the presence of
incondensable gases (i.e. carbon dioxide) in the water used.
Integrated thermal paper printer. Serial port for E-Memory.