Anatomical boards for Body Piercing

Anatomical boards for Body Piercing

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Anatomical boards for Body Piercing

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 Anatomical boards for Body Piercing

Leonardo Da Vinci allows us to observe the human body in its fierce anatomical nakedness under the skin, showing muscles, nerves, arteries. Leonardo used his skill in drawing in a scientific way to probe and show human nature.
10 poster (plus cover) made of 250g glossy cardboard with color illustrations, where muscle, veins and arteries are highlighted, most commonly pierced body areas. In addition to being useful to have a visual memo of those critical areas to drill, these anatomic boards are ideal for furnishing a piercing studio, as besides being very beautiful to look at, they can be useful to illustrate customers' complexity and the study that is behind the work of a Piercer before making a new hole.

The boards are in A3 format and are divided into the following order:

1. the face;
2. the cheek;
3. the ears;
4. the lips;
5. the tongue;
6. the breast;
7. the sternum;
8. the hand;
9. navel and female genitals;
10. male genitalis.