Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Black

Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Black

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Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Black

Brands Cheyenne

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The Cheyenne Hawk Thunder is without doubt one of the most innovative tattooing machines on the market.
Thanks to Cheyenne today you can also buy only the Thunder Drive (engine).
So you can only replace the engine in case of problems and not the entire machine and if you want you can customize your tattoo machine, buying a grip of the color and size you prefer.

Inside the package you will find:
Cheyenne Hawk Thunder drive
Cord Clip Cord
Power supply adapter

Frequency: 70-170 bps
Stroke: 4 mm
Needle width: 4.5 mm
Weight: 110 g with handle

For optimal performance and no risk of damage, we recommend using Cheyenne Hawk tattoo machines only with original needle cartridges and feeders.