Container for Needles and Knives 2Lt

Container for Needles and Knives 2Lt

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Container for Needles and Knives 2Lt

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Sharps container and needles. Puncture and disposable plastic product ecological and also resistant to fluids and solvents. Excellent for the disposal of hazardous wastes such as needles for tattoos and / or piercings.
Their conical shape and the notches on the cover, facilitate the removal of the needles and their disposal.
Indispensable in every tattoo studio, piercing studio, hospitals, clinics, doctors offices, clinics and research laboratories health. It 'designed for the collection of sharps and sharp, like needles and syringes.
The product described in this sheet is a polypropylene container, specially designed to meet the needs of medical offices, clinics and local health authorities. It has the purpose of serving for the collection, aimed at the disposal of needles and other sharps and pungent.

Capacity: 2 liters;
Dimensions: Ø 210mm x 140mm;
Weight: 150 gr.