disposable shoes cover polyetylene

Disposable PVC shoe covers in sachet with laces - 50 tears

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disposable shoes cover polyetylene

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The disposable PE overshoe is useful, indispensable in this historical Covid19 moment, in situations where it is required not to contaminate the environments, therefore especially in the health sector or aids where contact is expected such as Tattoo or Piercing studios.

Ideal for visitors indoors, in hospitals, laboratories, food companies, doctors' or tattoo parlors and more generally in all those environments where greater antibacterial protection is required.

It also serves as protection for the shoe itself in case of contact with materials that could stain, such as paints, glues, solvents.

Disposable PE shoe covers are inexpensive but indispensable personal protective equipment, especially in the medical field.

This model has adhesive at the top for a better tight fit to the foot.

Roll of 50 sheets (25 pairs)