Sunskin Tubo Monouso Tattoo

Sunskin Tubo Monouso Tattoo

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Sunskin Tubo Monouso Tattoo

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The first Tattoo grip produced, packaged and sterilized in Italy.

The handle of this grip has been designed thinking of ergonomics and comfort of the tattoo artist.

Followed in a resolution of the European Parliament PVC is counted among the toxic compounds that must be eliminated by rsu-com 960 399-C4-0453 / 96, which is why the grip has been produced in rubber.

The rubber has excellent ability to absorb vibrations transmitted from the machine for tattoos, as well as reduce environmental and health risks associated with the production, use and disposal of PVC.

The tube is produced in Polyoxymethylene (copolymer), has an outer diameter of 8 mm, and an inner diameter of 6 mm.

This tattoo grip is sterilized by gamma rays in Italy according to a process tested and validated in the laboratories EUROFINS BIOLAB Srl, ISO 9001, ISO / IEC 17020, ISO / IEC 17021 and ISO / IEC 17025.Tutto the verification process and sterilization performed by Gammatom Ltd. company it also certified ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.