Disposable Tattoo Grip

Disposable Tattoo Grip

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Disposable Tattoo Grip

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New disposable tattoo grips.
Disposable tattoo tube, the handle (grip) is produced in three different colors comfortable silicone blues, reds and greens.
The color characterizes the Azur line Round Liner models for you to choose the measures-3RL 5RL 7RL-9RL 11RL and 14-18RL.
The color green in the celebrated Magnum and you can opt for measures 5M-7M-9M-11M-13M and 15M.
The color red instead distinguishes the model line with a diamond tip conventionally called DIAMOND in sizes: 3D-5D-7D-9D-11D and 14D.
the probe tip is manufactured in high quality PVC, allowing a wall at the tip thinner and extremely accurate. The tip is almost identical to the Stainless Steel Tip.
Sterile and ready to use, the blister is present inside the stamp of the sterilization.
The disposable is a convenience (you can save a lot of money and time during sterilization) is also a guarantee for the customer.
Grip Size: 25mm.