Squidster - Piercing Skin Marker

Squidster - Piercing Skin Marker

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Squidster - Piercing Skin Marker

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Squidster Skin Marker with ruler.
Marker indispensable for Piercer and Tattooers, to trace the points where you drill or run free hand stencils.
Along with the skin marker, a small transparent and flexible ruler is provided for more precise jobs.
Equipped with double tip, super slim and medium.
Each pack is sealed and the sterile content so as to guarantee the customer a perfectly compliant environment.
The fact that the Squidster is sealed and disposable makes it perfect for working as a convention or as a guest.
The used ink complies with the 76 / 768EWG Cosmetic Directives.
You can choose between two colors: purple and black.
Can be purchased individually or in packs of 100pz.