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Stencil Stuff

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Stencil Stuff

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Stencil Stuff was formulated in 2005 by professional tattoo artists who understand that the market needed a good product to transfer the molds before making a tattoo.

It was time to abandon the lotions transfer homemade tattoos, tattoo artists had more and more the need to transfer of skin Transfer of clean and crisp.

After various experiments with the help of the qualified companies Stencil Stuff is able to offer the international market a product that will allow you to make very clean stencil and lasting.

Currently the majority of tattoo artists use Stencil Stuff and their feedbacks are positive, in hundreds of sites worldwide and forums talking about Stencil Stuff as the leading product for the tattoo transfer.

Stencil Stuff has a creamy appearance from milky white, odorless and easy to apply, is non-toxic and non-inflamed skin, if you fail the stencil you can easily remove and replace it with an alcohol solution.

Stencil Stuff is ideal to use with the card ectografica Spirit and is available in two different formats 4 Oz and 8 Oz.