Easytattoo Repairing Cream 4ml

Easytattoo Repairing Cream 4ml

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Easytattoo Repairing Cream 4ml

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Repairing Cream Easy Tattoo 4ml 20 pieces box
Specific cream for the tattoo health and aftercare Easytattoo® Cream

This cream is hypoallergenic and ideal for the new tattoo.
The Easytattoo® Cream is Panthenol based, it helps repairing tissues and have moisturizing effect reducing itches and skin irritation. It doesn't stick and stain.

thePanthenol is a component of vitamin B indispensable for the organism and the healing process lowering skin irritations and pain. Keep in mind that the massage will do the work not the overdosing of the cream!
Repeat the application of  Easytattoo® Cream 3 to 4 times a day for 10 days depending on the tattoo.

Start the tattoo cleansing with Easytattoo® Soft Cleansing Gel, then apply  Easytattoo® Repairing Cream