Eikon Green Monster

Eikon Green Monster

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Eikon Green Monster

Brands Eikon

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The Eikon Green Monster is a reel tattoo machine available in 4 standard tunings (liner, fine liner, color, shader)
Updated chassis design and also coil positioning for greater machine efficiency.
Cold-rolled steel frame for greater strength, made from a solid steel block.

Eikon Tru-spings, armature bars, front springs and rear springs
Standard coils of Eikon 8-Wrap Crown
Pre-welded condensers (for simple adjustments) hexagonal vertically mounted back bind post
Weight = 227.6 grams

Machine Parts:
Spools: 8 Wrap Standard Crown Coils (1.25 ")
Armature Bar: High Lift - Light
Front Spring: Tru Spring 0.018
Rear spring: Tru Spring 0.018
Capacitor: 22uF

Volt: 9.3 loaded with 7 Turn Linder
Duty: 50 Loaded
CPS: 134-137 Loaded
FT: 0