Dormouse Super Saturno Rotary Machine

Dormouse Super Saturno Rotary Machine

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Dormouse Super Saturno Rotary Machine

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Super Saturno Rotary

Electric Dormouse Tattoo Machine

The new Super Saturno was born to exceed the performance of our top-of-the-range car Saturn. Now you can have even more, the Super Saturno uses a 22 MM MAXON engine and a power of 6W at 9V. This translates into a formidable driving force that allows you to take advantage of Super Saturn at all speeds without losing shots. With Super Saturno you can face all kinds of Dot tattoos, fillings, shades, line. 

  • Also excellent for cartridge needles
  • from 3volt to 9volt
  • Needles 1 to 27 (liner, magnum, shader)
  • Swiss engine MAXON 22 6W 9V
  • 3.5 mm eccentric
  • Weight 101 gr.