Ergonomic Disposable Tattoo Grips Sabre Trident

Ergonomic Disposable Tattoo Grips Sabre Trident

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Ergonomic Disposable Tattoo Grips Sabre Trident

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New ! Sabre Trident Tattoo Grips

Sabre Trident Tattoo
Created to better adapt to any type of hand !

Sabre has designed new Grips and Trident Atom specifically to fit the hand wing tattoo artist .

True comfort and finally ' arrived.
Tattoosupplies.Eu exclusive for Sabre Tattoo Grips

These new grips , patented in the UK , appear to be much more ' of Harden, comfortable calssici Ultra Grips ,
as they have a very ergonomic grip and are designed with a diameter EXTRA WIDE .
The Sabre Trident Tattoo Grips has the triangular shape, lightweight, and anti-vibration.

Other features include:

* 1 1/ 4 "( 30mm) Grip.
* Tip tough clear plastic for easy viewing .
* Thin tip for accurate display .
* You do not need to clean these jacks as you do with the grips in stainless steel. The Sabre Trident and Atom Grips are disposable items , disposable .

Be the first to experience the Grips Trident and Atom.
We suggest you try them both to decide which ergonomic shape fits your hand

BOX of 15 Pcs
(euro 20€)