Faber Castell Compendium wooden suitcase for artists

Faber Castell Compendium wooden suitcase for artists

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Faber Castell Compendium wooden suitcase for artists

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Faber Castell suitcase made of wood which contains prestigious pencils, pastels and classic watercolor, charcoal, chalk, pencil sharpener, eraser and paint brush.
Everything necessary that an artist could ask from one set.
The PITT MONOCHROME range includes a selection of products perfect for illustrations, monochrome drawings, shaded or shaded.
The POLYCHROMOS colored pencils are popular with artists for their quality and perfect color rendering.
Watercolor pencils give the artist a chance to express their creativity and ability to blend colors. Experience Faber Castell ensures the unsurpassed watercolor effects pencils.
The pastel clays contain a high percentage of pigment and are free of lubricants. I can be chamfered to create custom gradients.

In the suitcase you will find:
12 Polychromos pencils;
12 A.Dürer pencils;
12 Polychromos crete;
Accessories such as: carbon brushes of different hardness, charcoal pencil, sanguine, white pencil, kneaded eraser, sharpener metal, brush.