Peracetico Golmar

Peracetico Golmar

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Peracetico Golmar

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Sterilizing, cold disinfectant for water-soluble powder instruments, easy and convenient to prepare.
Sterilizes in 10 minutes, active on viruses (including HIV, HBV, HCV), spores, bacteria and fungi.
It is a safe and non-toxic product: without aldehydes, it does not produce toxic fumes, it is non-irritating and non-allergenic, its use does not require protective clothing.
The exhausted solution can be poured into the sewerage system without treatment as it degrades when in contact with the sewage system.

Mode of use:
Dilute 16 g of product in a liter of warm water, wait 15 minutes for product activation.
Due to its characteristics G Peracetico is absolutely recommended in the following sectors: dentistry, hospital and health, beauticians, tattoos.
Medical Device No. 0546.