SANI NEB-Aerosol Nebulizer U.L.V

SANI NEB-Aerosol Nebulizer U.L.V

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SANI NEB-Aerosol Nebulizer U.L.V

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SANI NEB is an ultra low volumes aerosol nebulizer for sanitizing small and medium spaces. Light, handy and practical, immediately ready for use. To be used with sanitizing detergents to be diluted in water in the tank.

A special metering valve allows you to adjust, through a selector, the suction of the detergent, producing mist of different densities.

IDEAL FOR: Companies, hospitals, communities, nursing homes, gyms, sheds, tattoo studios. HO.RE.CA sector, restaurants, bars, hotel rooms.Offices, meeting rooms, warehouses, changing rooms, canteens.Retailers: butchers, bakeries, pastry shops, greengrocers, stationers. Construction sites, outdoor spaces. Workshops, tire specialists. Vehicles, vans, transport sector. Disinfestation treatments in farms, dairies, agriculture, greenhouses, food industries.

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