Small V Evolution Plain

Small V Evolution Plain

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Small V Evolution Plain

Brands Sunskin

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Machines for tattoos craft, produced and designed for professional use, made from a single block of metal.
This line is the result of continuous development of a mature product for a long time and enjoyed the "small V" formed by the merger between the old style of the Round Black Jones and the expression of our modern Big V. The Small V has been designed with the aim of obtaining a yield more consistent, accurate and fast. Experienced for a long time by many artists, both in content has excellent version line to fill and gradient. By the excellent results and the enormous success of this product we decided to create precisely the range "Evolution". This further evolution uses the same chassis drawings used for years now going to change size and weight to the benefit of greater lightness, compactness and balance that leads to a yield of better performance of the machine. Moreover, new technical solutions applied to this new range, as the clamping system of the tube, the gusset rear contact blocks clip cord, the fixing plate of the rear spring damage to the Evolution greater reliability. machines craft products and designed for professional use, made from a single piece of metal and then finished by hand.