Dormouse Smart Rotary Machine

Dormouse Smart Rotary Machine

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Dormouse Smart Rotary Machine

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Machine tattoo Dormouse line.
The number of Smart Electric Dormouse is characterized by its low price. This is not to suggest that it is a low-end product, but simply have been adopted solutions that were allowed to have a lower price, a Tattoo Machine high quality.
The materials used are the same as the Luxury series, and as in the other models also for these machines have been adopted innovative solutions such as:

- Chassis billet and CNC-milled and laser
- Metallic elements made of steel AVP that ensures greater durability
- Hand-crafted each piece
- Supporting aluminum frame ANTICORODAL
- Chassis system and support patented by dormouse which reduces vibration and increases the ergonomics with less consegnuente affaticamente at work
- Bobbine handcrafted by Dormouse designed for a maximum balance with their machines to tattoo that ensure exceptional performance
- Springs designed by Dormouse made of spring steel

And everything is made in Italy.